What is RHYTHM?


Reaching Hearts of Youth Through Health and Movement (RHYTHM) is a dance empowerment program for girls that targets the SEL competencies.  We teach stress management through mind/body exercises as well as promote the development of social/emotional strength within. Every class includes dance routines, a built in segment focusing on empowering girls by boosting self-esteem and confidence, and end with a meditative cool down.  

Mission Statement: Our mission is to use dance and other fitness activities to build confidence, self- awareness, social emotional skills, and boldness in the lives of young adolescent and teenage girls. 

Core Values 

  • Respect for all 

  • Live Honest Lives

  • Have Empathy for Others

  • Be the Best Version of You

  • Practice Self Care

 RHYTHM Jr. (ages 5-8)

 RHYTHM Academy (ages 9-15)

 RHYTHM Elite Traveling Dance Team (Audition required) 

a comfortable learning environment that is home to many different levels of practitioners. We were all beginners once, and the truth is, when it comes to Yoga, even those of us who have been practicing for decades are still newbies! Before you know it, Easy Day will feel just like hOMe

What is King In Me Mentoring Academy?

King in Me Mentoring Academy is an empowerment program for young males ages 6-18.  Our goal is to use sports and

other fitness activities to inspire boys and young men to be their very best while overcoming the obstacles in life.  We teach our young men the fundamentals of sports such as basketball, football, and boxing. Through sports, our young men learn team building skills, leadership skills, resilience, and sportsmanship. We also use sports to allow our young man to let our aggression on a healthy way.  

Core Values

  • Respect for all 
  • High expectations for all
  • Own your mistakes
  • Persevere through obstacles
  • Empathy towards others 

Phone: 224.412.0125